Our Mission Statement

Academic excellence in a Christian environment.

Our Purpose

Our students learn the truth of God's word in an environment of academic excellence, while being inspired to become the leaders God has created them to be.

Our Vision is reflected in our Crest

  1. The Bible is the symbol of God's ultimate authority in our lives.
  2. The Eagle can soar high above the winds of adversity and has the ability to see great distances to accomplish its goal.
  3. The Atom represents our school's academic excellence.
  4. The Ewer and Towel is the symbol of the servant-hood of Christ.
  5. The Shield is a symbol of the armor of God who encompasses us with the protection and provision for our daily walk with Christ..
  6. The Circle is a symbol of unity. We are an extension of WLCC, and strive to come under that authority, and be one with the vision of Pastor David Shearin. In the same way, we pursue unity among students, parents, and faculty.


Middle School